Our ministries are a very important part of the church body. THEY SERVE DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS WITHIN THE CHURCH.

If you see one of them around the church don’t hesitate to stop and say hello.

Deacon’s Board

Thompson Hopewell Deacons are strong men of God and support pillars around our church.

Choir / Praise Team

Thompson Hopewell Choir and Praise Team lift up the Lords name with singing and music.

Ushers/ Greeters / Nurse’s

Thompson Hopewell Ushers and greeters are the first people you meet when you enter the sanctuary. They are usually standing just inside the doors ready to meet you, and assist you to your seat. Our Nurse is usually up by the pulpit.

Mother’s Board

Thompson Hopewell Mothers are another pillar within our church. Stop over and say high when you visit us.


Thompson Hopewell Clerks

Media Ministry

Thompson Hopewell Media department is full of working parts video operators, and sound

Our Men

The men of Thompson Hopewell